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Starting off my career in the fashion industry as a Fit Model was a happy accident. In 2004, a family friend Paige Adams-Geller, once one of LA’s premier fit models and now owner of the hugely successful Paige Denim, thought my measurements were marketable and recommended I try my hand at fit modeling. She sent me to her agent, I signed with them and started going out on castings. A few months later my days were booked solid with fittings and thirteen years later I still work as a professional fit model. 


I have worked with over 65 brands over the course of my career, as a fit model for both contemporary, junior and active lines. I fit jeans, tops, swim, fitness, activewear, dresses, jackets, lingerie and even fit pregnancy clothing when I was pregnant with my son!


I have extensive knowledge in pattern-making, technical design & production and I am passionate about helping brands develop the best fit possible. 


I would love to work with you.


Measurements and bookings upon request.

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